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Living Proof Book Cover


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*while supplies last

To download your free copy of Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference:

  1. Log in or Register for The Advocacy Exchange Platform
  2. Copy the code that appears inside the dashed line box
  3. Click Download the Free E-Book button to be taken to the e-book's purchasing page
  4. Follow the normal checkout process, using your code to get your free copy

Then, prepare for this session of The Advocacy Exchange by doing the following with the e-book:

  1. Read the preface
  2. Read the introduction
  3. Read through chapter 1
  4. Complete the “Six-Word Reason” exercise at the end of chapter 1

Also, please familiarize yourself with the PDF linked to in the “Session Resources” above. Then you’ll be all set to discuss how to make a difference telling your story with our session speakers and audience!

About the e-book:

The first guide to personal storytelling for advocacy, this easy-to-use handbook helps you

  • Decide what to tell
  • Tell your story effectively and authentically
  • Link your passion to your goals
  • Deliver powerful presentations
  • Conduct great media interviews

Living Proof features examples, tools, exercises and worksheets to help prepare speakers at all levels. You can work through the book on your own or in conjunction with a Living Proof Advocacy™ workshop.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your advocacy skills to the next level, Living Proof delivers the grounding, confidence and guidance you need to unleash the power of personal storytelling.